Leadership Team

  • Mary Flaherty

    Social Media Relations

    I am a junior and I first got involved with SSDM through Brunner Bash at the middle school. My first year being involved at SSDM at the high school is really where I can pinpoint a time where i felt my life was changed. The unity of SHS and many Springfield/Morton families is beyond inspiring and motivating. Of course I get tired of standing and I think I speak for everyone when I say that, but all it takes is a second to remember why I’m dancing and I feel better than I could ever imagine. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity of being on leadership and I encourage all to join the fight!

  • Alexa Padley

    Donor and Alumni Relations

    My name is Alexa Padley and I am a senior this year. Ever since I was little, I would visit SSDM to see my older sister dance. I knew that as soon as I got to the high school, I wanted to become heavily involved in this event. As a result, I was a dancer my freshman year. For my sophomore year, I became even more involved by being a member of the Merchandising committee. Last year, I was a captain of the Hospitality committee. This year I am very excited to be the Donor & Alumni Relations Committee Head!

  • Victoria Xhori

    Special Events

    Hi guys! I am Vicky Xhori and this year, as a senior, I am honored to be named the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon Special Events Committee Head! As a freshman I didn’t know too much about SSDM, all I knew is that I wanted to be a part of it, so I became a dancer. As a sophomore, I became a part of the Family Relations Committee and it opened my eyes to how amazing this event is. I furthered my experience junior year and had the privilege of being a captain for the Family Relations committee. This year I cannot wait to start my journey on the leadership team and I can’t wait to come together for this amazing cause.

  • Aimee Padley


    My name is Aimee Padley and I am currently a senior. After watching my older sister participate in SSDM when I was younger, I knew I wanted to be involved in this event. My desire to become even more involved as a leader was increased when my mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. During my sophomore year, I was a committee member on what was previously known as the Morale Committee. Last year I was the captain for the Logistics Committee and I am ecstatic to be the Committee Head this year for the 2017 SSDM! FTK!

  • Mackenzie Schott

    Family Relations

    I am a senior. When I was younger, I would always go up to SSDM each year and watch the night unravel. Being inspired from that, I decided I wanted to get more involved. So as a freshman, I became a dancer. During my sophomore year, I was a committee member on Family Relations. Being a part of this committee motivated me to become a leader. This will be my second year as the Family Relations Head, and I can’t be more thrilled. My favorite memory from Dance Marathon was meeting the different families for whom we dance for. I also enjoy seeing everyone come together for the same cause.

  • Jimmy Schneider


    Hi, I’m Jimmy Schneider, and I am the leader for the operations committee this year. As a freshman and sophomore, I was a dancer at SSDM and enjoyed going to see our student body come together for a great cause. When I was a junior, I joined the merchandising committee. It was on this committee that I learned that there are so many ways to get involved with Thon and help make it more successful. With this in mind, I applied for leadership so that I could do all that I could to make SSDM as successful as possible this year. I dance because each year that pediatric cancer continues to exist, we lose people that we know and love. Whether it be family or friends, there are too many people that are affected by this horrible disease, and I want that number to drop.

  • Jackie Ciano

    Public Relations

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jackie Ciano and I am a senior at SHS. This year I have the honor of being the Public Relations Head for SSDM 2017. My love for SSDM started way back in eighth grade when I participated in ETR’s Brunner Bash for the first time. From there, I became a dancer for SSDM in 9th grade. After experiencing my first SSDM, I decided I wanted to be as involved as I could be. As a sophomore I was a committee member on Donor and Alumni Relations. As a junior, I was a captain on the Rules and Regulations committee. This year I’m here to give this cause and organization the most exposure I can and to make sure the legacy of SSDM is maintained. My favorite part of SSDM is the reveal. It’s something that the whole community gets excited about and it represents everything we’ve worked for all year.

  • Lily Clair

    Rules and Regulations

    Hi! My name is Lily Clair, and this year I am honored to be the Rules and Regulations leader for the 2017 Steve Stefani Dance Marathon! I have participated in SSDM every year I have been at Springfield and it is without a doubt the day I look forward to the most every year. Since freshman year it has been a goal of mine to become a leader for this organization, and now in my senior year I have accomplished this and I am determined to make this years Dance Marathon my best one yet. I am so excited for what this year has in store for me, and I know that one day we will dance in celebration.

  • Brooklyn Vaughan


    Hey! My name is Brooklyn and this is my 3rd year on the technology committee! I am so excited to be the leader of a committee that I am so proud of and so passionate about. I dance because I believe that one day there will be a cure for this terrible disease, and finding it starts with us. I dance for Mike Gade, Brielle Barber, Pete Mele Sr, Brayden Chandler, Danny Hammond, and all of the angels among us. Feel free to contact for questions about our media outlets, promotional videos, and photo galleries. #FTK!

  • Emily Barber


    Hi my name is Emily Barber and I am the 2017 Steve Stefani Dance Marathon Overall Chairperson. I have been a dancer, merchandise committee member, and last year I was the Logistics chair. I have been involved with SSDM since I was a small child, and throughout middle school. Contact me if you have any questions regarding any detail of the event. I dance because I truly believe that one day we will dance in celebration when a cure for this horrible disease is found. I dance for those who can’t and for the families of those who are fighting through the worst.

  • Ian Dath


    Hi! My name is Ian Dath and I will be serving as the Finance Committee Head for the 2017 Steve Stefani Dance Marathon. Last year, I was a part of the Public Relations Committee and knew I wanted to become more involved in this great community event. I am looking forward to having a successful year! If you have any questions regarding DonorDrive or our finances, please feel free to contact me! I dance for all those who are survivors, fighters and angels. More specifically, I dance in honor of Brayden Chandler and Mike Gade. Our Springfield community, like many others, has seen the direct effects that pediatric cancer has on a family. I hope to see you all at 9 a.m. on April 1st celebrating with us! FTK!

  • Trevor Robinson


    My name is Trevor Robinson, I am a rising senior. I was selected to be the Entertainment Leader for the 2016-2017 Steve Stefani Dance Marathon. The Entertainment Committee is mostly in charge of events such as the Powder Puff Football game, the Badminton Tournament, and many activities and games that occur the night of SSDM. My personal goal to become a member of the Leadership Team began while participating in the Brunner Bash in 8th grade. I was a SSDM dancer as a freshman, a committee member as a sophomore, and a captain as a junior. This event is our chance to be part of a cause that is larger than any one of us individually. Every minute we dance, we are making a profound difference for a child with cancer. It is my privledge to be a leader of this community-wide event!

  • Alexis Hoopes

    Dancer Relations

    Hi everyone! My name is Lexi Hoopes, and I have been given the privilege to be the 2016-2017 Steve Stefani Dance Marathon Dancer Relations Leader! As a former fourth grade student under Mr. Brunner, a beloved Springfield teacher who unfortunately passed due to the awful disease we strive to help find a cure for each day, I knew early on I wanted to work to make a difference. With SSDM, we all have the power to do so. As a freshman, I was a dancer in Steve Stefani Dance Marathon and worked my way up from there. Sophomore year I was a part of the Communications Committee as a committee member, and last year, I was a Captain on the Morale Committee, which changed names to the Dancer Relations Committee for this year’s SSDM. It is my favorite to watch all of the participants of the event come together each hour for the line dance, and I am ecstatic to be able to be in charge of that aspect of Steve Stefani Dance Marathon this year.

  • Megan Ellis


    My names Megan and I am a senior this year. I joined Brunner bash in 8th grade and I really looked up to the leadership team when they came down to the middle school and danced with us. After that I had my mind set and wanted to do my part for SSDM. Freshman year I was a dancer and sophomore year I was a committee member of Fundraising. I knew I wanted to do more so I interviewed and became a captain of Fundraising as a junior. This year I’m very excited to be the leader of the Fundraising committee for my senior year! I believe this is the most important event in the Springfield community because I know first-hand how the people in this town will come together when someone needs help!

  • John Gildea

  • Rachel Smith


    Hi! My name is Rachel Smith. This year I have the privilege of being the Communications Committee Head for the 2017 Steve Stefani Dance Marathon. This will be my second time serving on the Leadership team as I was the Public Relations Committee Head last year. I’m so excited to dance with the Springfield community one last time! If you have any questions regarding any and all of the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon events or the Hall of Inspiration, feel free to contact me! This year I am dancing in memory of my beautiful Nanny who recently lost her 22 month long battle with lung cancer. She will be proudly looking down as we dance for 15 hours on March 31st. I know that someday, because of our efforts, there will be a cure for pediatric cancer! FTK! This one’s for you Nanny!

  • Ganisha Sharma


    This year I am a senior at Springfield High School. I was always amazed by the tremendous things SSDM accomplished to help the kids, which is what led me to be a dancer both my freshman and sophomore year. My junior year I served as a captain for the Public Relations committee and my love for THON continued to grow while helping piece together the Hall of Inspiration and from the sense of community felt during the actual 15 hours on our feet. This made me want to take on more responsibility and have more involvement, thus I became a leader for SSDM 2017. I hope to continue to make SSDM an event that brings people together for the benefit of a greater cause.

  • Cam Shea

    Hospitality Leader

    Since I was a little kid I went up to dance marathon and watched it grow each year. Following in my sisters footsteps I was eager to participate. Now as a junior I am able to take part in the leadership team. I am inspired by Mike Komar and all of those brave little kids fighting each day. From Brunner Bash in middle school I wanted to continue on my spirt as a freshman. My freshman year I was a dancer at Thon. During my sophomore year I joined the Hospatilty committee and was honored to be one of the captains. I am now the Hospatilty leader and can not wait to feed everyone the night of. I am beyond excited for this years SSDM. Thon is a life changing experience that everyone should take part of. 2017 SSDM will be an inspiring night for all, as it always has been.